Personalized Experience

Having years of practice in civil litigation and criminal law, Romero Law delivers a broad range of personalized experience to its clients. Although its lawyers can boast years of trial experience and positive results, Romero Law also recognizes the importance of listening to clients, understanding their goals, being available and responsive to their concerns, and utilizing common sense. You are an active participant at Romero Law.

Fees Matter

Romero Law, L.L.C. recognizes that the high cost of legal services is a significant deterrent for those most in need of help. The goal of Romero Law, L.L.C. is to offer high quality professional legal services at rates more affordable than those offered by other firms in Santa Fe and its surrounding areas, without regard for whether you are an individual, a public entity, or a corporation.

Free Initial Consultation

You will never pay for an initial consultation at Romero Law. That is our opportunity to review your situation, evaluate your options, and discuss how Romero Law can be of service to you.

Few People Hire Lawyers out of Desire

Most people hire lawyers out of necessity and selecting the right lawyer can make all the difference no matter what legal issue you may be anticipating, whether a civil matter or a criminal prosecution. We are committed to being there for you, and with you, throughout the process. You are never alone, or on your own, with Romero Law.

Shop Around

Hiring a lawyer should never be taken lightly and Romero Law encourages you to shop around until you find the right lawyer. Romero Law finds that most people who shop around come back and choose Romero Law because it has the right experience, fair rates, and treats its clients with the respect they deserve.